Programs / Curriculum:

  • Excellent Curriculums
  • Infant to 12 Years
  • Before & After School Care
  • Transportation Available
  • Computer Classes
  • Nutritional Meals
  • Newly Renovated Center
  • Spanish Classes
  • Theatre Arts
  • Bridge to Kindergarten

Infant Room (0 - 12 months)

Our baby room provides a cozy nurturing environment where parents can be reassured that their precious little ones are cared for by our qualified and experienced key workers. We aim to follow your home routines to ensure consistency for your child. We are here to support infants mental health:

  • Provide Emotional Security and Trust
  • Loving Arms
  • Speak gentle and calming words
  • Singing and Rocking restless babies to sleep
  • Play interactive games and finger play
  • Tummy time
  • Story time

Toddler Room (12 months - 23 months)

Toddler years are critical for emotional development. Our Caregivers will be instrumental in nurturing behaviors such as sharing, caring and interacting with others. These years are their most lively and rambunctious years, which aids in their physical development. Our toddler room provides a warm relaxed environment for curious little minds to explore and develop with the aid of our qualified and experienced staff.

2 year old Room

We love our curious two’s. Our Academy looks forward in teaching them Self Awareness, Self Control, and Self Esteem, along with the:

A BEKA Curriculum:

  • Language development
  • Listening skills
  • Manners
  • Safety
  • Simple counting
  • Number concepts


Our Rainbow of Life Three’s, is always a delight to teach and train them into the the big boys and girls role.Our preschool room offers a wide range of activities to extend development and to provide opportunities for various experiences. Our pre-schooler group covers the following areas of learning:

A BEKA Curriculum:

  • Recognition
  • Sounds
  • Formation of vowels and consonants
  • Development and Listening skills
  • Simple Counting and Number Concept
  • Language, literacy, and communication
  • Mathematical development
  • Personal, social development, wellbeing and cultural diversity
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Development and Listening skills
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

Pre K – 4

Our Progressing four’s, is a pleasure to teach them to shine in all areas of development.

A BEKA Curriculum:

  • Recognition of name
  • Sounds, vowels, consonants and sounding blends.
  • Sounding words and intro to reading short sentence.
  • Number recognition, counting and concepts
  • Numbers before and after
  • Numbers largest and smallest
  • Addition facts
  • Formation of letters, blends, words and writing

Bridge to Kindergarten Class

We welcome our kid into their world of independence in all area:

A BEKA Curriculum:

  • Phonics
  • Writing skills
  • Reading
  • Science and Social Studies
  • Math
  • Fine Arts

Routines and Time Tables

Beginners World offers children flexibility as we believe learning through play and the outdoor environment is an essential part of children’s development. A range of activities will be provided to all of our children and will be displayed on our notice boards.

A Sample of Activities:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Music and movement
  • Outdoor play
  • Discovery
  • Role play
  • Quiet reading

Included extra curriculum activities: Spanish Class, Computer Class, Theater Arts and Sign Language