The History of BWLA

Welcome to Beginners World Learning Academy, a center that believes in "Educating Ahead". We provide the ABEKA curriculum along with varied class activities and before and after care.

Beginners World Learning Academy is aware that choosing a child care center is a very important decision for your family. Therefore, we are here to provide a loving, healthy, safe and learning experience for you and your children. Our staff is professionally trained and certified to take care of your most precious jewel. The staff is kind and nurturing. Our staff and teachers aim to please our students and parents at all times.

Mrs. Rochelle Bacchus is the founder of “Beginners World”. She has worked in this industry for orver 15 years, with a certification in childcare development and management skills. However, during those years of hard work, she decided to open her own facility, which was out of state in 1997. Mrs. Bacchus is well known for producing loving and well educated kids from her center into the school system. Many of her kids graduated from her facility and was promoted to a higher class level base on their knowledge.

Mrs. Bacchus has always worked as the owner and director of her facility. She stays freshly abrupt on all current early childhood education and care.

In 2008, Mrs. Bacchus opened her center in Spring, Texas. She expanded her centers name to Beginners World Learning Academy, based upon the educational level provided. Mrs. Bacchus has great plans for her students here in Texas.